If today is about honoring all Americans who have died in war, let us think about how to honor them by respecting all life. 

And if we are to honor any war, let us take a moment for those who risk their lives and put their bodies on the line to speak out, to take to the streets, and to fight for a better America - a better world - where all have the rights and freedoms we deserve.

As my dear friend Kat 
reminded me this morning, those who take these risks to protest such corrupt systems “are true defenders of liberty and justice, for all.”

A note on this photo: U.S. war veterans raise their hands in solidarity after throwing their medals towards the site of the NATO Summit in Chicago May 20, 2012. Nearly 50 veterans threw service medals into the street near the summit site in protest. Adrees Latif/Reuters For those who weren’t able to make it out to Chicago for the NATO protests, here’s some context from Iraq Veteran Gregory Miller: http://bit.ly/KyDnKx (via Iraq Veterans Against the War)