On May 6th, 18 year old Alan Blueford was shot and killed by OPD Officer Miguel Masso. Over a dozen witnesses said Alan had no weapon and posed no threat the officer. 

On December 18th, two days before Alan’s 19th birthday, we will gather to celebrate his life, mourn his death, and continue to organize our community against police brutality. 

Activist and author Angela Davis will speak, joining Alan’s parents, as well as other families of victims of police violence. 

Please help spread the word. Advance tickets for Dec. 18th’s event to celebrate Alan Blueford and the movement to resist police brutality and racial profiling are available now via Brown Paper Tickets:


  • Suggested donation for General tix are $10; Student / low-income are $5. 
  • NO ONE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS! Please use discount code:  nooneturnedaway to request a “free / pay what you can” ticket.
  • Tax deductible donations can also be made via Brown Paper Tickets.
Please give whatever you are willing and able as all proceeds will support Justice for Alan Blueford and the ongoing movement against police brutality and racial profiling. 

You can also RSVP and invite your friends here: https://www.facebook.com/events/380682842007573/ 

The event will feature some incredible speakers including: 

  • Angela Davis, keynote speaker
  • Fred Hampton Jr. (Chairman of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee)
  • C.D. Witherspoon (Baltimore organizer fighting for justice for Anthony Anderson, whose death at the hands of police has been ruled a homicide) 
  • Damien Ramirez (close friend of Michael Nida, unarmed man who committed no crime but was murdered with a machine gun by Downey Police last year)
  • The family of Ramarley Graham (unarmed Black teenager murdered by NYPD last year in his grandmother’s Bronx apartment that has amazingly led to charges of first and second degree manslaughter charges against Officer Richard Haste)
  • The family of Ernest Duenez, Jr. (shot eight times by police in Manteca when he fell as his foot caught in his seatbelt. Although Duenez was unarmed, the officer who murdered him has not yet been charged with a crime)
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